Posted by Wesley Scott on April 25, 2018 at 8:40 PM
Wesley Scott

The following is based on a true story. The names I use are fictional but the story is real. Mary came into see me about her account being frozen by one of her creditors. Mary had just taken a loan out from her 401k and the 12k in proceeds were in her bank account when the unthinkable happened- the creditor placed a levy on the account and froze 12k. Now, to say this was not good timing is an understatement. Mary is an RN but she was off work for several months due to medical complications. She was not entitled to short term disability and so she was taking the 401k loan out to help her and her husband survive the time when she was out of work.


With the bank account frozen, how was Mary and her husband going to pay their bills? Mary’s husband had no credit card debt but Mary was making payments on 38k in credit card debt plus her other bills. It is when one creditor, who had received a judgment previously, froze her account that this was brought to a head. What are they to do? She felt awkward being in this situation because when she worked as an RN, she made plenty of money to service all the debt. Being in this situation caused Mary and her family a lot of unwanted stress.

It was uncomfortable because they had always been able to service their debts on time- until Mary got sick and nearly lost her own life on an operating table. Mary told me she wishes she never got sick so she could keep servicing her debt. I tell Mary, but you can’t escape your body and medical problems? This can happen to anyone.


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