What Is Life After Bankruptcy Like in Eden Prairie, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 8, 2020 at 7:45 AM
Wesley Scott

life-after-bankruptcyI am high anxiety. I totally understand the anxiety of bankruptcy and the thought of filing bankruptcy. And yet, hundreds of thousands of Americans muscle their way through the bankruptcy process each year. In Minnesota, on an average year, over 13,000 Minnesotans file bankruptcy and get on with their lives. Right, now, as you read this blog there are thousands of Minnesotans just like you contemplating the thought of filing bankruptcy or who are actually in the process of filing bankruptcy and getting their lives back.

What would the Minnesotans who have filed bankruptcy and gotten their lives back tell you right now? They would tell you they felt the same way you feel right now. They too felt that anxiety and heartburn over the decision to file bankruptcy or not. But here is what they all found; they all found that getting their lives back was definitely worth the price of admission. These folks are now living debt free lives and no longer being attacked daily by creditors or panic attacks over the thought of worrying about creditors.

In short, Minnesotans never regret the decision to file bankruptcy. But, they always regret waiting so long before they actually filed bankruptcy. We humans wait far too long before we reach out for help. I am always impressed when I meet someone or a couple who says something like, “hey, we are current on everything, but we see the train coming down the tracks, and we are definitely going to get ran over if we don’t jump off the tracks.” I am here to tell you to jump of the debt railroad tracks now! You will be so glad you did!


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