Minnesota's Largest Bankruptcy Law Firm Has a New Name

Posted by Wesley Scott on June 22, 2021 at 8:15 AM
Wesley Scott

A white-gloved hand holds a shiny silver platter with the word NEW sitting on top, written in shiny, glittery, gold letters, announcing that Minnesota's largest bankruptcy law firm has a new name.We wanted to create a name that was congruent with who we are. We wanted to create a name that answered what do we do and have it more relevant to our marketing ethos in Minnesota. So we kicked back and brain stormed different names. We were going from Kain & Scott, P.A. to what name would fit us the best? After muddling our way through close to 500 names, we chose LifeBack Law Firm, P.A.!

We Don't Judge, We Help.

After all, what is that we do, “we don’t judge you, we HELP you get your life back!” Our promise and our motto fit so neatly that we decided LifeBack Law Firm was the perfect name for us! If you are a Minnesota suffering with overwhelming debt, never be afraid to reach out to Minnesota’s nicest bankruptcy law firm, guaranteed, or 100% off your fees!™

Our 2-Step Bankruptcy Program

At LifeBack Law Firm we have helped thousands of Minnesotans get their lives back and we can help you too. We have a unique two-step program designed to help you get your life back fast. First, we eliminate your debt. Second, we help you repair your credit using LifeBack Law Firm’s unique and FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program. What do Minnesotans say about LifeBack Law Firm? Read our Google reviews and you will find out that your friends and family think our process and program is fantastic.

We know that people don’t like to think about bankruptcy and they don’t like their debt. At LifeBack Law Firm we understand the anxiety and apprehension you feel right now. Our former clients felt the same way. But what they found is that getting their life back was worth the short term pain.


When the time is right, or when you are ready, reach out to Minnesota’s highest Google reviewed bankruptcy law firm at www.lifebacklaw.com. You will be so glad you did!


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